Alcohol   You have diabetes. Can you drink?
Abe's Adventure   Other people besides myself are getting their diabetes under control through lifestyle changes; here's a particularly impressive example.

It's All Connected    Diabetes interacts with (and is made worse by) a bunch of other health problems. If you want to manage your diabetes well, you need to be aware of these other problems and their effects.

The A1c    The hemoglobin A1c test: what you'll be told it measures, and what it actually measures.

Type 2 Diabetes in a Nutshell   An attempt to describe Type 2 diabetes as briefly as possible.

History   A look back at diabetes as it presented itself to early physicians. I think it is easier to understand diabetes if start by looking at it as the earliest investigators were obliged to do.

The kitchen sink   A very handy metaphor which will help you understand diabetes and diabetes management. Get this idea into your head, and a lot of complicated issues will begin to seem a lot clearer.

The big one   There are a lot of problems that diabetes can cause, but the biggest problem (and the one which requires the most effort for you to solve) is the elevated risk of coronary heart disease. Here is some information about the problem, and especially about what can be done about it.

Exercise as medicine   Exercise is good for us, certainly. But are we making a mistake when we think of it as a medical treatment?

Stupid diet tricks   There is no magical secret that will enable you to lose weight effortlessly; losing weight is hard. Here are some ideas that can make it a little easier.

Enjoy your body while you're in it   Exercise can't help you if you're too stiff and sore to exercise at all. Here are some thoughts on mechanical maintenance for the human body.

Eating plants   The most useful change you can make in your diet: eat more fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Most people don't get enough of these things, and they're paying a price for it.